Short Story: The Truth About WATTBIKE ATOM REVIEW

Wattbike has for some time been on the ball with regards to giving cycling geeks what they need – primarily the kind of chilly, hard details that huge legged nutters can pore over after a serious exercise. Its bicycles are gone for the individuals who discover something like a Wahoo KICKR turbo mentor isn’t exactly bad-to-the-bone enough for them (or who would prefer not to go to the exertion of expelling their street bicycle’s haggles it into a turbo coach).

Wattbike’s notorious Pro Trainer can be found in exercise centers here and there the nation and its imaginative utilization of air and magnets in the opposition framework builds up a sufficiently extensive yield to inconvenience even the hardest competitors.

Given that cycling is frequently about keeping up power yields and testing as far as possible, knowing this kind of data is vital to anybody hoping to move their accelerating diversion along.

The Wattbike Atom takes the majority of this learning and distils it down to an a lot calmer, neater and progressively attractive venture that just so happens to effectively fit inside even the littlest homes.

With 22 gears, ultra-practical hustling handlebars and full availability with the most mainstream virtual preparing test system programming, the Atom makes a compelling fine indoor cycling suggestion. Is it worth the £1,599 asking cost? In the event that you need to truly prepare hard, perhaps so. I’ve recently gone through seven days riding one hard, so we should discover…


There’s no denying, the Atom is a relentless fine cut of plan. Its delightfully welded aluminum outline, sharp points and reasonable completing pack make it resemble a Michael Bay Transformers elucidation of a carbon street bicycle.

The customizable seat is a slick, differentiating crawl of aluminum, the cockpit comprises of standard drop bars, just as time preliminary handles with elbow rests, while electronic obstruction alteration is dealt with by means of perfect elastic shifters housed in the handlebar grasps.

At 44kg, its no lightweight, in spite of the fact that wheeling it around the room is made less demanding by a little arrangement of transportation rollers. When all is said in done, this is one bit of unit you’ll cheerfully simply leave set up toward the side of the room. It’s additionally certainly more pleasant to take a gander at than an old bicycle connected to a turbo mentor.

The all-inclusive time preliminary bars additionally have a spot to cut a tablet or cell phone, which will satisfy those hoping to spend long, laborious sessions beating the virtual landing area of Zwift et al.


Regardless of the amount you spend on a turbo coach, there’s only something about the flywheel/roller set-up that always reminds the rider that they are, indeed, accelerating on a street to no place.

The Atom is one of the main indoor coaches to offer a similar sort of pedal ease found on over the top expensive street bicycles and, hence alone, it’s a delight to invest loads of energy in.

It additionally has each possible sensor incorporated with its structure, which means it connects with all significant outsider preparing programming and conveys precise information on speed, rhythm, control yield and considerably more, with individual wrench investigation for the uber geeks out there – this gives you a chance to see the unnerving dissimilarity between the power connected by your overwhelming leg, and the piffling sum included by your freeloading other leg.

Fortunately, the Atom is likewise a lot calmer than the fan-helped Wattbike units found in exercise centers, with its cunning attractive opposition framework emanating minimal in excess of a quieted hum.

Attach the Atom to Zwift, which I accomplished for the span of this test, and it matches up with the framework’s shrewd ERG mode, which means you don’t need to contact the obstruction amid an instructional meeting.

The Atom will consequently change its protection from meet a required wattage yield or will cunningly make accelerating more enthusiastically on the legs if your little symbol is creeping up a slope, for instance.

Change over to manual mode and the elastic shifters situated over the handlebars complete an alright activity of pushing through the Atom’s 22 gears, similar to a genuine bicycle. In any case, if there is one zone that disappoints the Atom, it’s the moderately moderate gearshift reaction times. Sprinters will truly feel this, as dropping a couple of riggings and afterward heaping the power through the wrenches can some of the time be a chaotic, unsynchronised issue. Wattbike is continually refreshing its working framework to make enhancements so it’s conceivable this circumstance will show signs of improvement in time.

Regardless of anything else, the bicycle feels very steady, even under substantial power loads, while the edge and critical parts are fixed far from sweat deluges. There’s nothing more terrible than watching one of your most loved bicycles break down underneath you as you sweat on top of it on a turbo coach.


Because of the grandiose soliciting cost from this item, just the most passionate indoor preparing aficionados are probably going to stout for it over a ‘brilliant’ £400 turbo coach, yet that robust wad of cash feels like it purchases a great deal.

The Atom feels a lot sturdier than any home turbo set-up we’ve attempted and that incorporates the full Wahoo K.O.M set-up. In spite of the fact that this doesn’t convey the recreated climbing innovation offered by Wahoo, the experience feels unquestionably increasingly reasonable generally speaking.

Maybe probably the most nuanced cyclists will moan about the languid manual apparatus changes and it’s occasionally moderate obstruction changes with certain preparation applications, yet these issues are not major issues, for me.

There’s likewise something exceptionally pleasant about having a devoted set-up toward the side of your room that looks great and is rapidly and effectively changed in accordance with suit different clients – no compelling reason to demolish your carbon street bicycle with this one.

Indeed, Wattbike Atom is a specialty item, yet in case you’re a genuine cyclist – or any individual who needs to get truly fit – it merits the asking cost.

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